XR Series 360 Rectangular Trampoline

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 Premium quality domestic-use trampoline

 Heavyweight galvanised steel frame

 Spring configuration optimised for bounce quality

 Deluxe garden green frame pads

 Fantastic 10-year warranty

 12' x 8' provides ample jumping space


The XR360 Rectangular Trampoline Package boasts a thick, galvanised steel frame measuring a total size of 12’ x 8’. With a steel thickness of 2.2mm and a frame tube diameter of 50mm, the XR360 is capable of comfortably holding a singular weight of up to 120KG (19st), making this trampoline ideally suited to children and teenagers. Please ensure there is only one user of the trampoline at any given time. Hot dip galvanised steel means this frame can endure the hottest summers and harshest winters without succumbing to the elements. A warranty of 10 years demonstrates the frame’s structural rigidity, durability and safety.

Jumping Mat

Referred to as either a jumping mat or bed, the XR360 jumping mat is manufactured from high-grade UV-stable polypropylene mesh with advanced breathability to ensure a low level of air resistance when bouncing. Webbing straps secure the galvanised steel ‘V’ rings which act as the anchor for the springs going into the frame.


Super Tramp uses their patented zinc-plated tapered springs which react to the weight of each individual user. This means that different parts of the spring are put under pressure by different users, depending on their weight and ability. This improves the performance and life of the spring, whilst the elongated hook makes it much easier for you to fit them into the frame.

Frame Pad

A notable garden designer was consulted when selecting the colour of our trampoline frame pads. Super Tramp’s signature garden green colour scheme was the overwhelming favourite, with the subtlety allowing the trampoline to blend in with the backdrop of most gardens. Whether the trampoline is used above ground or sunken into the ground, the understated aesthetics are appealing to the eye and ensure the trampoline is not an eyesore.   


The XR360 features a deluxe safety enclosure net. Where most other brands only attach their safety nets in two places (top and bottom of the poles), Super Tramp uses a superior design whereby the net attaches in three places (top, middle and bottom) for extra security. This finish not only looks smart but ultimately keeps users safe in the jumping zone at all times.

Safety Enclosure

The safety enclosure used by the XR360 has been designed to fit the frame externally and therefore can be removed just as easily as it is fitted and can be stored away if desired. You may choose to do this if you decide to sink the trampoline into the ground, for example, or store it away for winter. The steel parts are hot dip galvanised so you can rest assured the enclosure will thrive in your garden for many years. 

In-Ground Trampoline

The XR360 has been designed on a full height frame making it versatile in that it can be positioned above ground or in-ground, depending on your preference. The breathable polypropylene mesh used to make the jumping mat and the increased spring quantity mean there is no loss of air flow when the XR360 is sunken into the ground. It is also available without a safety enclosure as part of the package if you do not require it. The garden green colour frame pads help the trampoline to blend into the garden surroundings when sunken to ground level. 

More Information
Guarantee Silver Level (See what's covered)
Length of springs (mm) 216
Pad Colour Garden Green
Number Of Springs 88
Frame Wall Thickness 2.2mm
Frame Tube Diameter 50mm
Trampoline Height 36"
Maximum User Weight 120 KG (19st)
Number Of Legs 4
Bed Material Polymesh
Width 8ft (244cm)
Length 12ft (366cm)
Enclosure Entrance L-shape Zip & Clip
Enclosure Net Attachments Elasticated Bungee Loops with Q-Hook
Number Of Enclosure Poles 8
Enclosure Pole Diameter 38mm
Pole Covering Black Neoprene Foam
Total Height 270cm (8' 10")
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