The Cosmic Bouncer 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure and Ladder

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The Cosmic Bouncer is in our opinion the bounciest 10ft trampoline available. This superb 10ft Trampoline Package includes a Deluxe ESN Safety Enclosure with heavy duty net, extra-thick neoprene covered poles plus a top-spec steel ladder. It is also supplied with a 10 Year guarantee. The Cosmic Bouncer is recommended if you are looking to sink your trampoline into the ground.

Product Description

The Cosmic Bouncer is the highest specification 10ft trampoline in the Super Tramp range. This superb 10ft package is not only the bounciest trampoline, it also boasts our most advanced safety features ensuring of the safest fun possible.

The Cosmic Bouncer features our top-specification version of the class-leading ESN (Enhanced Safety Net) Enclosure. The heavy-duty netting is unique in the way it attaches to the trampoline, using a highly secure slot-system around the base of the net. This simple yet effective attachment method means that small gaps at the bottom of the enclosure have been eliminated, so even the smallest bouncers are kept safe in the jumping zone.

The Bouncer models are also unique in that they are the only selection of trampolines in our range where the net attaches at three points; at the base of the net using the slot-system, and then at the middle and top of the enclosure poles using elasticated bungees.

The Cosmic Bouncer boasts the thickest frame of our round trampolines, with the hot-dip galvanised steel measuring 45mm wide and 2.2mm thick. This creates an extremely robust frame which can cater for bouncers up to 89kg (14st), making it perfect for children, teenagers and adults alike.

The Cosmic Bouncer features 72 of our 7” soft-stretch springs which generates an incredibly soft yet responsive bounce creating a thrilling jumping experience. Out of all our 10ft trampolines, this one certainly is the bounciest!

We understand that trampolines aren't always a welcome sight in the garden and so we have designed the colour scheme of our range to be as subtle as possible. The garden green frame pads have been designed to blend in with most garden backdrops making them easy on the eye. The Cosmic Bouncer also boasts the thickest frame pads available for our domestic trampolines, measuring at 25mm thick and manufactured from a heavy-duty dual-sided PVC.

For safe and easy access to and from the trampoline, we have also included our top-spec Steel 2-Step Ladder. Like the frame, this ladder has been hot-dip galvanised. This long-lasting protective coating will protect the ladder from rust and corrosion for years to come.

More Information
Guarantee Gold Level (See what's covered)
Length of springs 7" (18cm)
Pad Colour Garden Green
Number Of Springs 72
Frame Wall Thickness 2.2mm
Frame Tube Diameter 45mm
Trampoline Height 86cm (34")
Maximum User Weight 88 KG (14St)
Number Of Legs 4
Bed Material Polymesh
Enclosure Entrance L Entrance with Zip and Clip
Enclosure Net Attachments Elasticated Bungee with hook (2 each pole)
Number Of Enclosure Poles 8
Enclosure Pole Diameter 38mm
Pole Covering Black Neoprene Foam
Total Height 276cm (9' 2")
Trampoline Diameter 27
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