Deluxe 3 Step Trampoline Ladder (Large 106cm)

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 Aids safe and easy access on/off your trampoline

 Wide, flat steps for comfort and balance

Best used on trampolines with safety nets

 Will fit most brands of trampoline

This ladder is best suited to high-quality circular trampolines due to its improved quality, durability and flat steps which makes it more comfortable for the feet. A trampoline ladder is ideal for ease of access on and off the trampoline, particularly by smaller children. We do, however, recommend that it is used only in conjunction with a safety enclosure.

This ladder will fit the Super Tramp 12ft Fun Bouncer, 14ft Super Bouncer, XR 360, and EVOlution Trampolines.

We do not recommend positioning the ladder on the stitching seam between two panels of coloured frame padding. Instead, please make sure you position the ladder near the middle point of the padding panel, as demonstrated in the product photos above. 

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