Super Tramp Outdoor Performance Trampolines

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a detailed insight into our performance trampolines and explain how one of these could benefit your garden, particularly those families with enthusiastic young bouncers who are looking to spend as much time as they can improving on their trampoline at home.

The Super Tramp Performance ranges of trampolines are designed to be enjoyed by all members of the family, but they are also popular with athletes from a variety of disciplines. These include (but are not restricted to):

-          Trampolining

-          Gymnastics

-          Parkour

-          Free-running

-          Freestyle skiing and snowboarding

-          Other extreme sports which involve aerial acrobatics (wakeboarding, cliff-diving, etc.)

There are two performance models which we currently offer; the Super Kangaroo and the Boomer. These models are different from recreational garden trampolines in many ways; from the frame design to the spring attachment mechanism, you will not come across another trampoline quite like a Super Tramp performance range trampoline.

When designing our performance trampolines, it was very important to us that they were easy to assemble for our customers whilst not compromising on performance. Unlike the traditional indoor sports hall trampolines which are incredibly complex to erect, our trampolines are completely flat-packed and slot together in a few simple stages, albeit with a bit of man-power required! Their flat-pack design also means they are easily transportable by courier, allowing for customers to take delivery of these trampolines with relative ease.

Uniquely, the frames of these trampolines are tensioned which increases the strength of the overall unit. This design feature was implemented to ensure that the frames could not flex inwards whilst the trampoline was in use. If the steel were to flex, this would negatively impact the performance by reducing the amount of power which can be generated by the user. Instead, the steel side-rails and leg bases work together to push the side-rails outwards, thus increasing the tension between the springs and the jumping mat.

Additionally, the framework features an inner and outer layer of steel which provides further strength to the trampoline. The double thickness steel measures a total of 6mm, whilst the tubing itself measures 60mm wide. The steel used for the frame is completely hot-dip galvanised internally and externally, providing the frame with qualities which allow it to live a lengthy, low-maintenance life in the outdoors without succumbing to rust and corrosion.

The framework is strengthened further by our unique spring attachment method, whereby a calculated number of moulded nylon straps wrap around the frame and secure the springs to the top of the frame, instead of the springs inserting directly into the steel. This method improves the life of the frame as there is no direct metal-to-metal contact between the springs and the frame which would eventually result in deterioration of these trampoline parts, as a result of the friction.  

The springs themselves are manufactured from galvanised steel with a bezinal finish. This style of finish to the springs allows them to maintain maximum springiness with stretch up to four times their static length, whilst not compromising on performance. The galvanised spring is also protected meaning it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, allowing it to thrive in the outdoor environment for many years.

The springs are protected by thick, closed-cell foam which is covered in high-grade PVC to form the frame pads. This padding can be manufactured in a variety of colours, although typically comes in our ‘garden green’ colour scheme allowing it to blend into your garden.  To prevent the sound of the pads ‘slapping’ against the springs when the trampoline is in use, our innovative elevator kit fits between the pads and the springs to prevent this. This feature is also a performance aid.

The style of bed used on this range of trampolines is completely unique to Super Tramp and you will not find these on another brand of trampoline anywhere else in the UK. Unlike domestic trampolines which use a black polypropylene mesh bed (polymesh), the performance trampolines use a 2-String performance bed which is our outdoor replica of the webbed beds which you would typically find on the indoor sports hall competition trampolines.

The 2-string design allows for increased air flow through the bed meaning there is less resistance and subsequently, more power can be generated. Unlike the polymesh beds, the 2-String has no webbing or stitching so the bed cannot tear or break. Instead, the beds use individual strings formed into two’s which are then weaved to form the mat. These beds are incredibly strong and durable, and require very little maintenance. However, after years of heavy usage, a little deterioration would be expected but instead of needing to be replaced, this can be resolved with a refurbishment done by one of our specialists. The bed’s protective coating means it can prosper outdoors all-year round whilst also providing grip to its users. The strength of the bed means it can comfortably support a singular weight of up to 140kg (22st.).

 We take great pride in manufacturing these trampolines in the UK, whilst also offering a complete range of replacement parts, as well as accessories such as weather covers.

We hope you have found this blog post useful, but if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01884 675801 or [email protected]. Thank you for reading!