Safety feature - ESN-style enclosures

Trampoline safety is something we take very seriously here at Super Tramp, which is why we take great pride in introducing our Enhanced Safety Net enclosure.

This new design feature is unique to Super Tramp and has completely changed our approach towards trampoline safety mechanisms. The advancements we have made allow the safety net to attach in a more effective manner whilst maintaining simplicity; at the bottom of the net there are small woven slots and each of these corresponds to a steel triangle on the jump mat. This allows the net to simply fix to the trampoline by slotting the net-base over the triangles on the trampoline bed. 

 The benefit of this strategy is that it means even the smallest fingers and toes can’t find a way underneath the net or make contact with the steel frame and springs, thus keeping bouncers safe within the jumping zone at all times. This allows you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your child is enjoying safe and healthy trampoline fun!

The ESN-style net also requires very few parts to put together, meaning that should you ever require spare parts in the future, you wouldn’t have to spend money on lots of different parts.

Our aim at Super Tramp is to always provide market-leading trampolines which offer the highest levels of safety without becoming overly complex and confusing in design. Our simplistic approach means almost anyone can build one of our trampolines comfortably without becoming stressed and confused! We believe this makes for the most long-lasting and enjoyable bouncing experience.

Thanks for reading and please do get in touch if you have any questions.