1. Trampolining and Autism

    Despite there being very little research which scientifically proves a positive correlation between trampoline therapy and an improvement in the symptoms of autism, there is a strong and resounding consensus that the two are heavily linked. Trampoline-based activities provide numerous benefits to those with autism, as well as individuals who have learning difficulties and special educational needs. These positive effects have been known to improve motor skills, sensory skills and engagement.

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  2. Trampolines: In-ground versus Above Ground

    All Super Tramp trampolines are designed as outdoor equipment and as such, can remain outside all year round. For many years now, the trampoline has become a staple feature in British homeowners’ gardens; providing children and adults alike with hours of fun, enjoyment, and exercise in disguise. The only drawback of the domestic trampoline is that it’s not always considered an attractive addition to the garden. One way of combating this is to sink it to ground level and therefore reduce its prominence. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages in doing this and we strongly recommend considering the pros and cons before committing to this venture. Please see our guide below.

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  3. Super Tramp Outdoor Performance Trampolines

    The purpose of this blog is to provide you with a detailed insight into our performance trampolines and explain how one of these could benefit your garden, particularly those families with enthusiastic young bouncers who are looking to spend as much time as they can improving on their trampoline at home.

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  4. The PT Bouncer is back!

    So, what is ‘rebounding’?

    Rebounding is a fun, low-impact form of cardiovascular exercise performed on a compact trampoline which has been specifically designed to absorb impact and provide a resilient, responsive bounce. We use the term ‘bounce’ delicately because rebounding is not at all like traditional trampolining and shouldn’t be confused with it.

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  5. Safety feature - ESN-style enclosures

    Trampoline safety is something we take very seriously here at Super Tramp, which is why we take great pride in introducing our Enhanced Safety Net enclosure.

    This new design feature is unique to Super Tramp and has completely changed our approach towards trampoline safety mechanisms.

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  6. Trampoline parks from Super Tramp!

    Did you know that Super Tramp now specialise in trampoline parks as well as garden trampolines?

    In July 2016, Super Tramp opened their doors to the first ever Super Tramp trampoline park located in Plymouth, Devon. Super Tramp Plymouth is now the South-West's hub for urban sport Wall-Running,

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