Super Tramp are known as the pioneers in garden trampolines having introduced the first garden trampolines to the UK back in the 1980’s. Jet Sports Limited continue to manufacture and supply a fantastic range of trampolines, all of which include a promise of exceptional build quality and durability. Our extensive and unrivalled warranty packages ensure you really do get the best.

Our trampolines are built using specifications designed from over 30 years’ experience. We equip each trampoline with the exact spring configuration needed to give the user the best possible bounce performance.

Safe and healthy outdoor fun is something we strongly believe in and encourage. For whilst there is a trampoline readily accessible in your garden, you can rest assured it will get used time and time again. Trampolining can provide your family with fantastic health benefits as well as hours of enjoyment.

Jet Sports provide an extensive array of spare parts suitable for nearly all trampolines, allowing you to keep your trampoline in full working order all year round. If you require any advice on our products and spare parts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team using the contact details found below.


A big part of ROSPA’s mission is to prevent children becoming accidentally injured. As part of their campaign to protect, they offer advice, information and resources for parents, teachers and other professionals who work with children, aiming to educate them about child safety in the home and at play.   

ROSPA Play Safety provides information on the safety of indoor and outdoor play equipment and play-areas. The advice and information they offer covers all aspects of play safety equipment. They also have a list of helpful publications which aim to help aid peoples' understanding and maintenance of play safety.

Jet Sports and ROSPA share key values to ensure that all our products meet the highest safety requirements. We work tirelessly to ensure we offer the most enhanced safety equipment available. Jet Sports continue to provide expert advice and guidance to all our customers on the best possible methods to ensure of child safety whilst using our trampolines and products. We aim to continue to find new ways to improve trampoline safety and awareness.

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