8.5 inch (216mm) Trampoline Springs

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  • Replacement 8.5" (216mm) domestic trampoline springs
  • Unique tapered spring design with elongated hook
  • Made from premium quality tensioned spring wire
  • Universal spring design which can be used on Super Tramp trampolines as well as other brands

Universal 8.5" (216mm) trampoline springs with elongated hook. 

Super Tramp use their patented zinc-plated tapered springs which react to the weight of each individual user giving optimum performance. This means that different parts of the spring are put under pressure by different users, depending on their weight and ability. This improves the performance and life of the spring, whilst the elongated hook makes it much easier for you to fit them into the frame.

These 8.5" springs with elongated hook are designed to fit the following Super Tramp models:

  • King 110
  • Fun Bouncer 12ft
  • Super Bouncer 14ft
  • XR 360 Rectangular
  • EVO 12 & 14
  • Active 12 &14
  • TrailaTramp 6 trailer-mounted multi-bed trampoline system

These springs are also suitable for use on other brands of trampoline that use 8.5" springs. 

More Information
Spring Length (mm) 216
Hook Type Elongated hook
Material Zinc plated steel
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